i do not consider it a compliment when a man has to put down other women who are different than me to explain what’s good about who i am.

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Brian WillmontShift, 2013

watercolor on paper

By the time i get an Illinois i.d. I’ll probably be moving to a place where snow is not.

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Make no mistake about it, the people who have been in this community for decades… decades! have made Bed-Stuy a flavorful stew, comprised of equal parts, ups and downs. Definitely imperfect, it’s a neighborhood that prides itself on being fully human. And that’s the only kind of “civilized” I need. To paraphrase Spike Lee from his recent interview at Pratt (yes, that interview), there does tend to be this Christopher Columbus mentality, this glimmer of discovery in the eyes of many of our new neighbors. A blind entitlement that allows them to arrogantly ignore the deep footprints they now nestle their feet into. But we’ve been here and it’s the lack of acknowledgment of that that’s problematic. Bed-Stuy doesn’t need fixing because Bed-Stuy is not broken or unsteady. It doesn’t need to be renewed or rebuilt or even rebranded. It just needs to be respected.

A Bed-Stuy State of Mind: Gentrification Shaken and Stirred


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